Rose Project File

23. 07. 2023

This wedding website is a beautiful project file for Rapidweaver built with Foundation 6 Stacks only (F6 Swatch Pack needed).

Beginner Friendly

Rose is a perfect solution for anybody who is getting familiar with Foundation 6 stacks, or want to start using its great power with no previous experience.

Highly documented and organized 'Edit mode' will walk you through every section of this website explaining how and why it is built that specific way.

Necessary Stacks
Foundation 6 + Swatch Pack More Details
Pen Free stack by Weavers Spase

You can additionally use Points Stack to make some interactive map as seen in the Location tab below.

$34.90 Get Rose Project File

Unlimited Weddings

Rose project file is built with Foundation 6 stacks only. Its design is specific for a wedding event, with the aim of bringing to guests all the info they need to plan a trip and share the special day with loved ones.

Business Ideas

We prepared a couple of follow-up email to give you great ideas to sell this project file and use it to expand your business. (Emails will be sent after purchase).

Power-up Ideas

Great ideas to power up your project file with stacks and features to enhance its functionality.

Tutorial Follow-ups

Nice tutorial emails that will point your attention to crucial parts of this project file. Great tool to learn F6 best practices.

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Respond to Invitation

Travel Information

You can use this section to list all the necessary information for guests who are planning a trip to your wedding

Camping & Car

Wedding Locations

This map is just a .jpg enhanced by the Points 2 stack by Weavers Space if you don't want to use the Points 2 stack, you can simply edit a screenshot of a map as we did on the Turist Info tab.

You could alternatively use any Map stack you already own, or redirect users to a Map you prepared on Google Maps or other services.

Open in Maps

Rehearsal Dinner

16:45 - Welcome Cocktail
18:00 - Dinner
20:00 - Band Arrives
21:00 - Party

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Wedding Program

14:00 - Apetizer at parent’s house
15:30 - Ceremony at Center Church
16:00 - Apetizer at Villa 4 Venti
16:15 - The Beatles cover band
18:00 - Dinner
21:00 - Party

See Locations

Touristic Routes

You can use a simple screenshot or any .jpg or .png to generate a custom map of your wedding event. Prepare your custom image in Photoshop (or similar tools) and drag and drop it in your RW file.

Richard Wagner


Claude Debussy


Sam Barber


Get in touch

If you feel lost at any point feel free to contact one each of us. Abouve are the numbers of wedding planners and other useful contacts. If you want to get in touch directly with us please use the following form. We will get back at you as soon as possible.

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